The Noise in Technology

There is a tendency in today’s society to adopt technical terms and acronyms creating “Noise” in place of common language. This is generally an attempt to differentiate trends and /or minor differences in a field, process or device while creating a marketing Buzz “Noise”. Technology is a leader in the generation of “Noise” with new products and incremental improvements in all fields.  In many cases the “noise” makes things appear more technical than necessary. The Internet of Things (IoT) a newish acronym is a perfect example. The need and ability to connect devices remotely is older than the internet itself. For decades remotely connecting things have been a desirable asset / feature within many industries e.g. monitoring temperature of cool rooms, water levels of rivers, CCTV images etc. The method of connectivity was often costly and slow. This limited the market and feasibility for many applications.

IoT today

The IoT industry in recent times has exploded creating Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Farms etc.. This accelerated take up of connectivity is being driven by low cost internet gateways (connection points), the huge advances in miniaturized sensor electronics and new low data rate low power wireless technologies.

Lextar has been working with several clients in the IoT field. One of these products is at the production stage. Later this year we will be able to elaborate further on this exciting product release.

We see new opportunities to apply our experience and recently acquired P&P assembly equipment. This enables Lextar to offer accelerated development cycles. If you have a sensor-based IoT product concept requiring a mesh or point to point wireless network then we may be a match for your new IoT product development.

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