Surveillance and CCTV systems have embraced the digital age, with digital recording and internet protocol solutions. Combined with video analytics these solutions offer many advantages; however, forensic CCTV systems are complicated in design, difficult to master and have significant limitations in:

  • no or little interaction
  • continuity of activity
  • limited angle of view
  • target size and clarity

Tracam® track camera systems offer many answer – it’s more than a security camera, it’s a proactive tool which provides comprehensive coverage of a facility with just one camera. Of course, some clients may require multiple-camera coverage and Tracam® can provide that too.

Tracam® is a range of state-of-the-art automated mobile cameras that provide optimum CCTV surveillance of large areas. Developed in Australia, the system incorporates a fully programmable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera mounted on a carriage / vehicle which can move along an aluminium track /rail suspended from the ceiling.

The user can control the movement of the camera along the track. The mobile carriage or Video Transport Unit (VTU) can be controlled manually, be programmed to tour the facility or move to pre-defined positions.

The VTU  features cameras with its 10x , 22 x and 35x optical zoom lens, 360° continuous pan and 240° tilt.  The Tracam® Image Orientation Correction (IOC) facility provides the viewer with an upright image as the camera tilts through the vertical when following people who walk directly underneath the camera’s location.

The Video Transport Unit (VTU) moves along an extruded aluminium track / rail which can include corners (400mm radius) TL6c System only.

The VTU is concealed behind a mirrored or tinted cowling. Customers can choose the cowling finish best suited for the location – mirrored, dark mirrored or smoked and clear.

The flexible design features of a Tracam® installation ensures maximum surveillance of an area. Track sections are 2.4 metre long and can be fitted together (with 400mm radius corners) to construct a track length up to 200 metres.

The ability to incorporate multiple corners means that a Tracam® system can provide very effective coverage for even the most complex architectural layouts. Tracam® provides unsurpassed surveillance coverage and ease of use.