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Tracam mobile CCTV products are designed to provide superior floor coverage of large facilities.

Safety and Security

Thermal Imaging cameras  –  Inductive powered in road LED delineation  –  In-vehicle embedded camera solutions

Research and Development

Developing new products and systems is key in today’s business. Lextar’s engineering team specialises in CCTV, inductive power solutions , solar and IoT sensor based networks

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Tracam and the Business Evolves

Tracam the Product

The capability of Tracam® to maintaining continuous uninterrupted video of a moving target makes it unique in the CCTV world.  Tracam® does not replace forensic CCTV but adds a highly complementary, proactive asset to a system. Tracam® delivers comprehensive coverage of a facility or an area using just one camera (multiple Track Camera coverage is optional).

Tracam® can be implemented as a stand-alone Track camera system or integrated into existing or new system designs. The Tracam® system is compatible with most major manufacturers’ protocols.


More than Tracam

Lextar does more than build Tracam. Lextar is a mechatronic design house, developing internally conceived concepts along with contracted special projects. Lextar has the capability of designing both Mechanical, Electronic and Software components. In conjunction with 3D modelling and 3D Printing the building of concept prototypes is far more feasible and predictable. A  Pick and Place PCB assembly line further accelerates prototyping and makes small scale production feasible.

In short Hardware, Electronic and Software development supported by production capabilities all under the one roof.

Lextar has specialized expertise in a number of key areas:

  • Micro Controller development
  • Thermal Camera Technology 
  • Inductive Powered Solutions
  • Small Scale Solar Power and
  • IOT networks.

If you are looking for an alternate to one of the big design houses, we would be interested in discussing the opportunity and determining if we are a match for your unique concept.

Thermal Image Overlay

Thermometric imagery

3D Modeling


Inductive Powered Delineation or Safety Lighting

Pick and Place


Thermal Imagery 

The power of thermal imagery is now far more economical and is in reach of the wider mainstream market.

Weather it be:

  • Perimeter Surveillance and Detection 24/7 in any weather and any light 
  • Marine Navigation
  • Automation and monitoring of a systems thermal profile
  • Power Generation and preventative maintenance
  • Fire Detection and Fire Prevention
  • Special projects

Dual wavelength cameras add further value enhancing orientation and easily interpreted by an untrained eye.

Thermal Image Overlay

Thermometric imagery

Fire and Fire Prevention

Perimeter Surveillance

Smombie Safe

Road Safety and Delineation



Padestrian, Tram and Cycle Ways

Inductive LED Studs

Smart Cities are adopting LED road markers with built-in intelligence to enhance traffic management and improve safety for those who use these transport pathways or public spaces. 

Inductive technology offer many advantages

Key benefits

  • Waterproof, no corrosion
  • High energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendly
  • Highest safety rating
  • Easy installations
  • Fast and easy maintenance


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