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REDilight goes International

REDilight goes International REDilight is a fast growing Australian company with offices in both Tuggerah (NSW) and Burleigh Heads (QLD). You can track REDilight down at www.redilight.com. As a collaborative partner, Lextar provides R&D resources, technical support and manages production for REDilight. REDilight recently adopted a new product logo. Mark Hawley, Director and part owner of Redi-lite said “the new logo, REDilight offers better application recognition. The primary drivers for …Read More

Thermal Overlay

Thermal Overlay simply makes sense. A recent Lextar project has reinforced our belief that Thermal Overlay simply makes sense. Thermal Overlay Mode offers a unique level of detail allowing equipment operators or security officers to make faster and more informed decisions. Thermal overlay uses dual wavelength cameras. Therefore, two cameras are used, a high-resolution daylight camera mounted alongside a thermal camera. These cameras see two different wavelengths within the light …Read More

Global Reach

Tracam’s global product recognition and Lextar’s willingness to collaborate has recently produced a unique project offshore. Lextar was the “small fish” in this collaborative project but Lextar’s input was recognized as significant in the finished product. Those involved included a Canadian shipping company, Canadian specialist automation companies (both hardware and control) and a Chinese mining company. The project involved a self unloading  transshipping vessel, “One big boat with one big …Read More

Schindler’s Bridging Probe

  Lextar’s most recently collaborative client has been Schindler Lifts. Schindler Lift’s senior service managers approached Lextar in an effort to develop a Bridging probe system for their infield service staff. Schindler’s aim was to develop a safer more practical bridging probe / system with CATIII 1000 V ratings, while being practical for the Lift environment. Bridging probes are frequently used in the lift industry during safety and troubleshooting procedures. …Read More

Pool Lighting Specialists – Alpha LED Lighting

Pool lighting specialists, Alpha LED Lighting (a Lextar client with whom we have collaborated on a number of projects) recently involved Lextar in a one off hospitality based special project.  Alpha called on Lextar’s flexibility and experience to develop a 120 watt, dimmable, 6 channel, CV LED Driver for a resort pool lighting application. The project demanded that we move from concept to finished product within a 6 week development plan. …Read More

REDi-lite Spectra

REDi-lite has released their Electronic Sky-light product range. The REDi-lite Spectra range offers a Green Energy solution for light starved areas of the home or office. The product will have many applications in  homes, town houses and other high density housing environments. More specifically hallways, living areas, stairwells and dressing rooms are just some of the home zones where REDi-lite Spectra is ideally suited. Check out the youtube link below. …Read More

3i lights Flinders Port

3i Lights Flinders Port Flinders Port Adelaide gives green light to 3i inductive pavement studs. 3i’s inductive powered lighting system will be integrated into Flinders Port’s access control system. Card readers, turnstiles and the 3i warning lights will create an automated system which, when completed will vastly improve WHS processes in and around the container areas. 3i lighting systems use patented Inductive Powered Technology (IPT). IPT eliminates the need to …Read More

LightStar trial at BHP mine

SafeLights Pty Ltd wins trial at BHP mine. The patented LightStar design resolves many of the issues currently experienced with Solar lighting products. The self-cleaning omnidirectional solar collector system ensures optimum energy collection at all times, while the superior battery capacity allows the systems to operate continuously for 200 hours in its’ standard configuration and over 800 hours in a fully loaded configuration.  Existing products fail in the harsh mining …Read More

LightStars – Lextar delivers for Safelights

Lextar Pty Ltd delivers its first partnered development project to SafeLights Pty Ltd. SafeLights is a safety product company with a mines industry focus.  The project delivered a range of industrial LED Solar based delineators and hazard lights referred to as LightStars®. See www.safelights.com.au  for full product information. Lextar’s small Business R&D partnering service is a recent initiative. SafeLights is the first of a number of partners for whom we …Read More

Product release – EziTRAC 8

EziTRAC-8 offers all the features and cost advantages of EziTRAC as well as the 22x camera performance of our fully featured TL6 system. As such, EziTRAC-8 delivers a feature set that leads the market. When configured with the optional 35x camera, it delivers performance not seen before on tract camera systems, ie: 540 lines resolution 35x optical and 420 total zoom image stability For further information and assistance, please contact …Read More