Mechanical, Electronic and Software design all under the one roof




  • 3D CAD design using Solid Edge and Altium 
  • 3D Printing of Prototypes and or pre-productions samples


  • PC based server and dashboad applications
  • Tablet Apps
  • Develop, compile and program Embeded solutions.


  • Circuit Design  and Component selection
  • PCB layout with 3D Modelling to component level
  • Prototype assembly, test and troubleshooting 
  • In house pick and place capability for trial and small productions runs

At Lextar

Lextar Pty Ltd offers a research and development (R&D) service for small business. This unique R&D service provides small businesses with an opportunity to further their inventive ideas or unique concepts. Lextar prefers to take a collaborative approach, this  enabling both parties to apply their respective expertise and value adding to the development process.

On introduction Lextar offers those businesses the opportunity to question, discuss and assess, in total confidence,  their concept, our capability and the compatibility of the businesses.

Collaboration is about drawing on each other’s knowledge and resources while optimizing the value add of both businesses.  The aim is to develop and deliver a client-specific solution, which results in mutual business growth.

If your small business is looking for an R&D  service / resource please contact us at  info@tracam.com.au.

Growing Lextar

Lextar understand the need for business to:

  • stay agile
  • remain open to change
  • and most importantly, listen to one’s client base  

With 30 years of experience in the Security and Electronics field, it is imperative to remain relevant.  


Unique Ideas

  • Unique ideas often improve function or solve a problem
  • The best ideas are conceived by people encounter those probems and are experienced in thier market or industry.

Colaborative R & D

  • The idea is the easy bit
  • Apart from the cost a broad range of skills and knowledge are required in converting an idea to a functional prototype.
  • Collaboration is our prefered solution.

Channel to Market

  • A unique idea and great product will still fail if you don’t have a channel to market.
  • This is why we prefer to work with business conceived ideas where the channel to market is often in place or recognised.


 Experience is the catalist for great ideas