Tracam products

Tracam® is far more than just a security camera. Tracam® is a management tool and as such is just as applicable to Inspection Services, Human Resources and Facility Management as it is to Loss Prevention. Tracam® offers the widest selection of rail camera products of any manufacturer. Contact us or our international distributor network to match the product to your application.

SightLogix is a product partner for which we are the Australian agent.  SightLogix are market  leaders in Geo referenced Thermal Camera technology. The on board propitiatory analytics offers  market leading accuracy in all weather conditions even over water. SightLogix  “thermal detection cameras offer a key functional advantage over these traditional solutions because thermal cameras simultaneously detect and “see” an alarm event 24 hours a day’.

3i Innovation is a product partner for which we are an Australian market representative. 3i  is a leader in the “on-road”lighting market. We develop and apply advanced technologies to enhance safety and reduce traffic congestion.