MTCam Landscape Best

This revolutionary system combines the speed and efficiency of the Tracam® TL6 with multiple VTUs (mobile trolleys) operating on a single track, with the position of each VTU being managed  independently. As each VTU can individually operate with tours, patterns and alarms, the result is greater flexibility, more focused coverage and cost efficiency over multiple tracks.

Mult-T-Cam® can be controlled with Tracam®’s Q2 Controller (dual joystick and variable speed control) or integrated into an existing system using a wide range of third-party controllers, including Panasonic, Pelco, Honeywell, VCL, American Dynamics, Sensormatic and 360 Vision.

  • multiple VTU cameras per track
  • 360 degree continuous pan
  • onscreen display and menus
  • 22x – 35x optical zoon (plus digital)
  • day/night operation
  • travel speed is variable, up to 6 m/sec
  • 750 preset locations per VTU
  • easy to install
  • multi-protocol compatibility
  • up to 150 m track lengths
  • 4 standard alarm inputs