Video Transport Unit FAQs

Does the Video Transport Unit (VTU) have variable drive speed?

Yes, all the VTUs have variable drive speed capability.

What is the maximum drive speed?

The maximum drive speed is model dependent.

  • TL6c – 4.8 m/s
  • TL6 – 6 m/s
  • Mult-T-Cam – 6 m/s
Where are presets stored?

Due to Tracam®’s bi-directional data control, presets may be stored at the controller or at the camera. Systems presets are stored in the controller while camera presets are stored on the VTU.

How many camera presets can be stored?

The number of camera presets is model dependent.

  • TL6c – 750 per VTU
  • TL6 – 750 per VTU
  • Mult-T-Cam – 750 per VTU
Are pan and tilt variable speed?


What are the maximum pan and tilt speeds?
  • Pan – 220 degrees per second
  • Tilt  – 60 degrees per second

Speed may vary slightly dependent on the dome camera used.

What is the image quality of the video?

High resolution video in PAL and NTSC formats (more than 450 lines).

Does the system have auto focus cameras/lenses?


What type of camera can be installed?

American Dynamics, Panasonic speed domes – more to come.

Is there any operational noise?

The system is very quiet but there is some motor/mechanical noise. This may or may not be discernible, dependent upon the location and the distance from the track to the floor.

How many VTUs can be mounted on the track?

Usually one, but the Mult-T-Cam® system allows up to 3 VTUs to be mounted on the one track.

TL6c – 1

TL6 – 1

Mult-T-Cam – up to 3

Is the VTU power supply a multi standard power supply?

Yes, it is suitable for 110, 220, 240 Vac and 50 or 60Hz.

Where is the VTU power supply mounted?

The VTU power supply and interface (PSI) box is typically installed within 3 metres of the track start and in close proximity to 110/220/240v single phase power. This distance may be extended. With cables running in steel conduit, the PSI may be located up to 30m or 100ft from the start of the track.