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Lextar Pty Ltd

Lextar designs and Manufactures Tracam, REDilight and Pesense

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What is Lextar's Core business?

Historically Lextar’s core business has been based in security, with Tracam as the flagship product. Lextar remains security focused while the business has diversified into  Solar, IoT and wireless sensor based products.

Lextar collaborate with business to design, prototype and manufacture electronic based solutions.

REDilight, Pesense, Safelight and Tracam are all examples of products designed from concept brought to market.


What Engineering resources does Lextar offer?

Lextar offers expertise in automated camera solutions, thermal camera and dual wavelength overlay solutions for automation or perimeter security .

Lextar’s R&D engineers have the tools and skills to design the hardware, electronics and software for a vast range of concepts. 


What is the advantage of Tracam?

Tracam offers users unmatched coverage of a facility with a single camera. The intuitive control allows operators to move and follow operational processes or people from one end of a facility to another. Tracam offers superior orientation awareness and continuity.

Can thermal cameras display surface temperatures ?

Yes, Radiometric thermal cameras can display surface temperatures.  In fact, this feature is very useful in automation and transport monitoring.  Zones can be identified within a view and individually measured, thresholds can be set to produce alarms so as to avoid equipment damage or fire.  A further feature is to overlay both the optical image and thermal image, this enhances operator awareness.

Can new third party concepts be discussed in Confidence with Lextar?

Lextar is always keen to discuss new industry driven product concepts, particularly when both parties collaborate to add value. The confidence of non disclosure is key, we are committed to confidentiality in all our product discussion reinforced by mutual non-disclosure agreement signed prior to disclosure.