Controller FAQs

Does the Tracam® Q2 Controller have proportional drive capability?

Yes. All axes of movement have variable speed control. When using the Tracam® Q2 Controller and its dual proportional joysticks the operator is easily able to make the finest adjustments of position and speed.

How many Tracam® VTUs can be operated with one Controller?

This is determined by the video management system. In theory the number of cameras is unlimited but in practice there are limits. The Tracam® controller is address limited to 99 by software.

How many Presets can be stored in the Controller as System Presets?

255 System Presets.

What are the maximum and minimum dwell times on presets in tours?

The maximum dwell time at a preset position is 18 hrs. The minimum can be as required to suit the customers operational requirements.

How many preset positions are possible in one tour?

There are 15 tours. Each tour may have up to 100 presets linked in the sequence.

Can the Tracam® Controller drive other cameras?

Yes. The Tracam® Q2 Controller has a growing library of key manufacturer protocols. Please contact us for the latest update.

  • Pelco
  • American Dynamics
  • Sensormatic
  • Panasonic
  • VCL
  • Honeywell
  • Ademco
  • 360 Vision