Product Partners

Developing products and relationships for the long term




Transitioning form

  • Development
  • to working protptypes
  • to product trial
  • through product Certification
  • to pre-production 



Early Production

  • In house small volume production capability
  • Pick and Place machine
  • Vapor Phase re-flow

Managed Production

  • Local or OS assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Support


Redilight’s LED Skylight Alternative is the smart solar powered lighting system that brightens dark spaces in the home and office without compromising on style. Our energy-efficient lighting delivers the green credentials and money-saving benefits of solar power with the reliability and modern feel of high-quality LED light. It is the clever, innovative and smart lighting solution that complements the design and décor of modern Australia.


By adding Pesense TermiSensors to monitors, a manual inspection routine is brought fully into the 21st Century with live alerts and interactive reporting of the monitors in the area surrounding the home…every day of the year.

Adding Pesense TermiSensors to current termite monitoring systems redefines “Best Practice”.


Designed and manufactured in Australia, SafeLights, LightStars Solar LED Delineators are ideal for guiding vehicles and distinguishing hazards in poor visibility conditions.
LightStars LED Delineators cut through darkness, rain, dust, and mist; traffic routes can be clearly marked, reducing driver fatigue and promoting safer vehicle operation.
Developed specifically for use in heavy industrial environments, LightStars are a quality product built to withstand the rigours of heavy industrial applications.


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