Where is Tracam® manufactured?

Tracam® is manufactured by Lextar in Brisbane, Australia.

What is the turn around time on faulty units returned to Lextar for repair?

Lextar offers a 30 day in house turnaround time on facility equipment returned for repair.

What is the quality standard of the system?

The system is built to ISO9000 and Lextar’s Quality Control procedures.

Does Lextar hold any accreditation for the Tracam® system?

Tracam® has been tested to and exceeds ETRS Extended Reliability testing and has obtained EMC Class “B”, FCC, CE and CÖ accreditation. Tracam® also has UL 60950 safety certification.

How much coverage can I expect with Tracam®?

A correctly installed Tracam® system can provide better than 95% coverage of the area to be monitored. The application will determine the amount of coverage desired.

What are the cost benefits of Tracam®?

Cost savings over conventional colour PTZ domes with the same coverage can exceed 30% depending on the installation.

Is the system easy to operate?

With the reduced number of components, the system is much easier to operate than conventional complex CCTV systems. The user interface is optimised when using the dual joystick provided by Tracam®’s Q2 controller.

What is the average delivery time after an order is placed?

Depending on your systems design and needs Lextar can ship a Tracam® system within three to six weeks of receiving your official order.