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Lextar Pty Ltd offers a research and development (R&D) service for small business. This unique R&D service allows small businesses or companies, who do not have access to R&D resources, an opportunity to further their inventive ideas or unique concepts through collaboration. Lextar offers  those with unique product concept the  opportunity to question , discuss and assess , in total confidence,  their needs, our capability and the business compatibility.

Collaboration allows small business to leverage the knowledge and resources of others to enable mutual growth.  Our aim is to collaborate with  small business partners and deliver client specific solution as seamlessly as possible. If your small business is looking for an R&D  service /resource please contact us at

Our  partnered agreements are flexible and structured based on client expectations, product type and project size. We also consider different levels of involvement.  If you have a unique product idea and you are looking for a R&D “vehicle” to drive your idea from concept to production please contact us at Lextar.

Partners to date include: