REDilight goes International


REDilight is a fast growing Australian company with offices in both Tuggerah (NSW) and Burleigh Heads (QLD). You can track REDilight down at


As a collaborative partner, Lextar provides R&D resources, technical support and manages production for REDilight.


REDilight recently adopted a new product logo. Mark Hawley, Director and part owner of Redi-lite said “the new logo, REDilight offers better application recognition. The primary drivers for this change were with consideration to search engine keywords and the company’s international aspirations”.


Those aspirations have now become reality; with test sites installed, contracts signed, UL certification in place and the first order shipped. Redi-lite is entering the US market with reserved excitement. Mark Hawley, is confident that they have selected a US partner with the right channel to market. “ It is an exciting time for our team includes Lextar our collaborative partner”





REDilight is a renewable energy product. A Solar direct lighting solution for those poorly lit areas of the home. REDilight is referred to as a skylight alternative however it is much more than a skylight.


The world trend in city living is towards:


  • High density housing and
  • Bigger houses on smaller blocks


Both styles of living are starved of natural light.


REDilight certainly fits well with this housing trend as it brings light to any location of the home; be it upstairs, downstairs hallways or kitchens. REDi-light’s modular solutions satisfy the needs of any modern home.




Redi-lite’s has a growing stable of products, for example, light drivers ranging from 12 to 48 watts, Solar panels from 35 to 250 Watts and luminaries to satisfy all tastes.


Click here to see the REDilight Concepts

Products include:

Spectra Basic – Daylight light


Spectra Remote – On/Off, Dimming and Mode Change functions.


Sunline – You want light on demand, day or night or you require office quality control without the fluctuations.


Sunline Remote– Light on demand with full control with a press of a button.


For as long as the sun shines, you save an earth.


As a result Lextar is keen to expand its collaborative partner base. We would certainly be interested in exploring mutually rewarding opportunities. If you are considering a partnered project contact us at Lextar.