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LightStar Evolution

LightStar Evolution – Environmental and site trials of LightStar continue, delivering positive result in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.  Product variants have evolved based on client feedback and market demand, highlighting LightStar’s robust and uniquely flexible design. LightStar was conceived as an industrial / mines based road side deliminator but now LightStar variants offer far more with: –          Corner Delineation – safer corners in low light environments –          Hazard – …Read More

Introducing the TL6c, a corner-based TL6

The Mobile Camera consists of a high power zoom camera unit fitted to a high-speed programmable pan and tilt assembly mounted on a mobile carriage. An extruded aluminium track permits the mobile camera to be relocated under manual control or through user-defined programmable modes to any location along the track. The mobile camera system must be flexible in design. The system must be capable of left and/or right corners with …Read More