LightStar Evolution – Environmental and site trials of LightStar continue, delivering positive result in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.  Product variants have evolved based on client feedback and market demand, highlighting LightStar’s robust and uniquely flexible design.

LightStar was conceived as an industrial / mines based road side deliminator but now LightStar variants offer far more with:

–          Corner Delineation – safer corners in low light environments

–          Hazard – 360 Degree Hazard highlighter or intersection marker

–          Danger – Exclusion Zone- 360 Degree Danger Marker or no go explosive zone marker.

All models have a range of flashing modes but the feature that differentiates LightStar from the cheap imports is its capacity to store between 200 and 900 hours of continues light operation, based on cumulative charge and battery configuration. The patent pending unidirectional solar collector design delivers a product, that is easily installed in a wide variety of applications.

When clarity and safety is important LightStars guide the way in the harshest of night time environments.