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Collaborative Partnerships Grow

Lextar’s collaborative approach to partnered projects remains a key focus of our ongoing business. This collaborative approach allows partner businesses to focus resources on their key strengths. Our partners are realizing these efficiencies with a mutually beneficial working relationship. REDilight is a perfect example of this collaborative approach to business. REDilight has successfully launched a niche solar alternative to the traditional skylight product. The renewable energy sector is booming across …Read More

IoT Explodes

The Noise in Technology There is a tendency in today’s society to adopt technical terms and acronyms creating “Noise” in place of common language. This is generally an attempt to differentiate trends and /or minor differences in a field, process or device while creating a marketing Buzz “Noise”. Technology is a leader in the generation of “Noise” with new products and incremental improvements in all fields.  In many cases the …Read More

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Lextar enhances its’ rapid prototyping capability. Lextar has invested in a Pick and Place (P&P) machine to enhance and accelerate Lextar’s development process and rapid prototyping  capabilities. The reliance on man power, highly skilled manual assembly and soldering is now minimised. Dramatically reducing the time between design and operational prototypes or concept samples. This equipment complements Lextars existing R&D tool set, which includes 3D drawing software, schematic design …Read More

Global Reach

Tracam’s global product recognition and Lextar’s willingness to collaborate has recently produced a unique project offshore. Lextar was the “small fish” in this collaborative project but Lextar’s input was recognized as significant in the finished product. Those involved included a Canadian shipping company, Canadian specialist automation companies (both hardware and control) and a Chinese mining company. The project involved a self unloading  transshipping vessel, “One big boat with one big …Read More

Realising Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation Through Collaboration Lextar’s new Innovation Through Collaboration business approach has realized significant traction throughout 2016.   The year has  seen the addition of Thermal Overlay to Lextar’s own Tracam  Brand Range and significant development progress of the Pesense Product.   More importantly 2016 saw  a number of new Partnered collaborations and product developments. A perfect example of this new innovation through collaborative approach has been with the Evolve Group – a prolifically …Read More

Thermal Overlay on Tracam

Thermal Image Overlay Thermal Image Overlay is just that, a thermal image transposed over a visual image using matching Field Of Views (FOV). The combined image provides for a whole new visual experience.  A thermal signature with daylight spacial awareness that cannot be realized through Thermal Imagery alone. To achieve usable Thermal Image Overlay two camera modules are used with the same viewing angel,one  Thermal IR Imager and the other …Read More

Nova Systems UAV Collaboration

Nova Systems UAV collaboration with Lextar Pty Ltd has resulted in a highly successful APPEA  Exhibition. Nova Systems / Aerospace “hatched”  a very unique and ambitious plan to demonstrating their UAV expertise at this years 2016 APPEA, Oil and Gas Exhibition. The project involved suspending a fixed wing UAV from Tracam’s robotic rail camera system on a 60m track. The system would travel the full length of the main entry isle just …Read More

TRACAM® High Definition (HD)

TRACAM® High Definition (HD) For those who are new to the product, Tracam® is a High Definition Drone, limited by a rail on which it is mounted but can operate 24/7. Lextar (Pty Ltd) designs, manufactures and distributes Tracam®. Tracam® is the product brand and EziTRAC-HD is the first High Definition Tracam® product. EziTRAC-HD delivers a Hybrid HD solution, offering a zero latency video feed and a HDIP video feed. …Read More

Schindler’s Bridging Probe

  Lextar’s most recently collaborative client has been Schindler Lifts. Schindler Lift’s senior service managers approached Lextar in an effort to develop a Bridging probe system for their infield service staff. Schindler’s aim was to develop a safer more practical bridging probe / system with CATIII 1000 V ratings, while being practical for the Lift environment. Bridging probes are frequently used in the lift industry during safety and troubleshooting procedures. …Read More

Lextar 2016 with Focus

Lextar would like to thank our distributors, clients and collaborative partners for their business, support and trust throughout 2015. We wish all a prosperous year ahead. Lextar’s 2015 was a positive year all-round. The release of TRACAM-HD, production of REDi-lite‘s day/night skylight Spectra range and the filing of Pesense Termite Detector patent just to name a few. Lextar’s focus for 2016 is to strengthen it’s “innovation through collaboration” business strategy, …Read More