Lextar’s collaborative approach to partnered projects remains a key focus of our ongoing business. This collaborative approach allows partner businesses to focus resources on their key strengths. Our partners are realizing these efficiencies with a mutually beneficial working relationship.

REDilight is a perfect example of this collaborative approach to business. REDilight has successfully launched a niche solar alternative to the traditional skylight product. The renewable energy sector is booming across all market sizes.  REDilight have been able to allocate their resources to marketing, procurement and delivery of their products while  knowingly they have the support of a highly skilled and experience engineering resource.  Lextar’s roll in the relationship is multipurpose; provide high level technical support,  assembly key IP sensitive components  and provide innovative solutions in new product development.

The REDilight success and ability to grow strong relationships between installers and clients is key to their commercial success. Market-direct feedback allows REDilight to be highly responsive to market needs and trends which in turn drives development.

REDilight are releasing several new product lines and features, check out REDilight on the web www.redilight.com or Facebook.

If you are a small business and have an industry-based product concept and you’re not sure how to convert that concept to product then we may be able to assist you on the road to commercial realization.