Lexter will soon release its Tracam HD solutions.

IP and HDIP CCTV technologies  have satisfied the needs of the forensic market but these technologies alone are virtually unusable when tracking moving targets in real time.  The latency introduced by IP based networks is unpredictable and only increases as definition increases and bandwidth is consumed. Latency greater then 25ms results in tracking over runs and as this latency increases the tracking a moving target becomes virtually impossible and totally ineffective if a degree of optical zoom is used.

The dilemma for Tracam and all speed dome camera manufacturers has been how to cost effectively achieve HD evidence gathering while accurately tracking mobile targets across the full optical range of the camera.

The solution for Tracam HD has been to blending all three major CCTV technologies, high resolution analogue, HDSDI and IP technologies.  High resolution analogue enables the operator to maintain contact with moving targets of all speeds and at all zoom ranges, while the Megapixel HDSDI Camera delivers  HD Video while the encoder ensures evidence is stored in a HD format.

HDSDI also offers Tracam HD a path to the future, needless to say HDSDI has been as much a necessity as it has been a strategic selection. Based on the fact that Tracam is no more than a Drone on tracks. The impact of drones in the HD professional markets is already producing side benefits in the form of miniaturised gyro stabilised gimbals like UAV and wireless HD transceivers with zero latency. The industry is producing new lightweight products at great rate and as these products become more main stream, the costs will fall.

HDSDI is Tacam’s format for the future.