Tracam’s new distributor relationship with T-Vostok Security (Russia) has resulted in the shipping of Tracam’s first TRACAM HD systems. The systems have been installed in a Russian retail application.

TRACAM HD is a hybrid HDIP solution.

TRACAM HD offers high resolution widescreen analogue and HDIP. This is achieved through new product relationships offering a professional wireless encoder solution using 1080 HDSDI 2MP speed dome camera.

TRACAM HD is a unique true HD system which offers the flexibility of Analogue Video for Control and HDIP for recording and reviewing of HD video on a common platform.

Analogue Video insures Zero Latency for proactive control room monitoring. Low Latency is the only way to maintain contact with fast moving targets. IP networks are broadly avoided for these application and in many cases network latency makes the tracking of moving targets unworkable.  The Analogue Video also offers on screen messages, telemetry information and configuration menus, making installations a breeze. All onscreen data is displayed on the Analogue screen while the HDIP video is clean and unobscured.

TRACAM HD offers current Tracam users a totally up-gradable solution. So if you have the track we now have the HD.

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