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Track FAQs

What colour is the track?

The track can be supplied in black or white powder coated finish or in a raw (natural) metal finish.

Can Tracam® be designed with corners?

Tracam® is the only track mounted camera system that can be designed with corners. Tracam® is proven to traverse corners of only 400mm (16″) radius and any angle up to 180°.


    • TL6c – Corner System


    • TL6 – Straight Only


    • Mult-T-Cam – Straight Only


What type of ceilings can the system be mounted to?

Almost any type of ceiling structure can be used to support a Tracam® system. Structural rigidity is obtained from the roofing supports (red iron) or next story floor structure. Please obtain engineering advice if you have any concerns.

What is the strength of the cowling?

The cowling substrate is a PETG or polycarbonate sheet. Both satisfy standards set by UL. Polycarbonate – impact tested to standard DIN 53453; tension strength tested to 60N/mm2 (standard 53455).