Lextar’s most recently collaborative client has been Schindler Lifts. Schindler Lift’s senior service managers approached Lextar in an effort to develop a Bridging probe system for their infield service staff.

Schindler’s aim was to develop a safer more practical bridging probe / system with CATIII 1000 V ratings, while being practical for the Lift environment. Bridging probes are frequently used in the lift industry during safety and troubleshooting procedures.

Lextar was able to facilitate the product development and supply of the new solution.

The prerequisite for the new Bridging system included:

  • user safety (priority number one)
  • bridges were not to be of the modular type (terminated cables and probes)
  • equipment protection (inline fuse protection)
  • usability (practical in the environment)
  • reliability (high flex cable and quality probe construction)
  • visibility (easily seen within a wire looms, all yellow in colour)
  • tractability (the ability to match bridge probe serial numbers with service staff)

The new bridging probes have been supplied and deployed to Schindler Lifts technical support staff nationally.

This collaborative process (between Lextar and Schindler Lifts) reinforces Lextar’s commitment to growing its business strategy – “Innovative product development driven by industry experience and collaboration.”

If you have an innovative concept and your business does not have the resources to further that concept, consider the value of collaboration.

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