Innovation Through Collaboration

Lextar’s new Innovation Through Collaboration business approach has realized significant traction throughout 2016.   The year has  seen the addition of Thermal Overlay to Lextar’s own Tracam  Brand Range and significant development progress of the Pesense Product.   More importantly 2016 saw  a number of new Partnered collaborations and product developments.

A perfect example of this new innovation through collaborative approach has been with the Evolve Group – a prolifically innovative group of companies and products e.g  Evove NPD, MARCO and PoolRite.   Lextar has and is providing support / design collaboration for a number of their new and existing products including Mildred, PoolRite pumps and InnoChlor. We look forward to strengthening this collaborative relationship in 2017.

Nova Systems / Aerospace was  a very interesting collaboration. Lextar’s engineering staff collaborated with a group of Nova Graduate and 4th year engineering students. Their suspeneded UAV project saw Lextar provide facility access,  product, and technology. The purpose was to introduce and demonstrate Nova System’s UAV capability at  Australia’s Oil and Gas exhibition APPEA.

Making the Concept Product

Businesses similar to Nova Systems and Evolve are the  small to medium size business partnerships for which we add value.  Often these business are highly skilled with years of industry specific knowledge but are unable to internally realise their own innovative product concepts.  One can not place enough value on  industry or Gemba experience when it comes to new product development. Years of Gemba (Japaneses for- The Real Place) experience results in a highly productive collaborative experience, delivering a mature “Concept Product” with fewer iterations.

Lextar offers integrity, non disclosure and years of experience in product development.