Peter Simpson and I would like to thank our Tracam Distributors and product development Partners for their loyalty and support over the past year. We look forward to 2015 with great expectations.

The commitment of the directors ( Peter Simpson and Tony Flint ) to make change and diversify Lextar’s business three years ago is now contributing to Lextar’s positive and stable future.  Lextar’s diversification was undertaken so as to better utilise the company’s  core capabilities, experience and resources. This has introduced Lextar to the wider market, minimised Lextar’s exposure to the volatile currency exchange market  while at the same time allowing Lextar to maintain and support its’ traditional product identity, Tracam.

This diversification has resulted in a mix of shared IP ownership, and partnered developments. Our partner industries include OH&S, traffic management, pest control, LED lighting, home automation and renewable energy.

We see ourselves as the R&D department for small business, in a small business supporting small business approach. Project partnerships and discussions with “concept conceivers” (industry people with innovative industry specific product based concepts) are assessed in total confidence. In all cases our product partners have been highly experienced in their specific fields, they know their industry and the industy needs. Innovation is generally driven by need and opportunity, combine this with experienced people and you have concepts that have a solid basis.

All project assessments are as unique as the concepts themselves but the primary aim is add value, develop product and to grow our businesses via a partnership.

Lextar is open to confidentially discussing and assessing new unique product development opportunities, in our small business supporting small business approach.

Peter Simpson & Tony Flint

Directors of Lextar Pty Ltd