3i Lights Flinders Port

Flinders Port Adelaide gives green light to 3i inductive pavement studs.

3i’s inductive powered lighting system will be integrated into Flinders Port’s access control system. Card readers, turnstiles and the 3i warning lights will create an automated system which, when completed will vastly improve WHS processes in and around the container areas.

3i lighting systems use patented Inductive Powered Technology (IPT). IPT eliminates the need to hard wire the lights. This produces a totally water proof system, eliminating the inherent corrosion and connector problems of hard wire systems. 3i’s zero maintenance design along with the programming flexibility of the system were key considerations in the decision making process. The system can also be easily expanded offering further flexibility as Flinders Port is reconfigured.

Flinders will be the first Australian Port to adopt the inductive powered road studs following the lead from Auckland Port where the system has been praised for its success. See link to video clip http://youtu.be/i_u1oXWFyr0

3i systems have been highly successful within the European road tunnel market where tunnel guidance lighting is now a legislated requirement.

Lextar has been involved with IPT for more than 12 years, while over the same period 3iii’s IPT products have proven that they not only deliver the obvious technology, functional and reliability advantages but also deliver notable improvements to the real cost of ownership.